Looking at the Horizon and Letting go of Limiting Beliefs

Insight this month to small business: Courtney Wilson from AZ, is a photographer that has captured beautiful places in the southern U.S. Check out her beautiful work, and order some peaceful scenery for your space.

Recommended Reading/ Listen on Audible: The Magic of Thinking Big Dr. David Schwartz P.H.D.

We are parents at Advanced Bio Controls LLC, and took into consideration our child’s safety first hand last year when the fear hit. We noticed how the stores had been picked clean of the cleaners and disinfectants. We could tell that the toilet paper situation was absolutely drastic and comical at the same time, and that is why it is important to be prepared and to trust that the essentials would be there through our manufacturer. They absolutely were. We use non- toxic home goods that are proven by science to be just as effective if not more in different areas in cleaning and even nutrition, easy on the finances and environment for a well rounded better life of wellness. Our other supplier for the surface and air technology is not known by many because they sell directly to major corporations and we rent them out because we have a connection through Daniel Oister who has done marketing for some time and we caught on to the effectiveness of this technology and wanted to offer a sterilizing service to our community.

We care about what we use. We will not come to your space with swifter dusters because we know those do not solve the dust problem. They do not trap and lock dust, they are cheap and ineffective. For certain jobs, they can be sacrificed, but we want to really take care of the issue at hand. To clear the space of dust, allergens, and germs for optimum health and success. We believe if we help you with the timely tasks, your time and energy will be more focused on doing better things and help the community in great ways.

When cleaning, you may catch us listening to an inspirational talk. This is how we develop ourselves as professionals and continue to grow in all aspects. This month, the highlight is Thinking Big. When we change our mindset and get out of our own way, there is so much that can be accomplished, things that have been put off for years. It takes initiative, self discipline and vision to accomplish things with great confidence, collaboration, and a swift change of intention.

There are a few key points that were brought up in chapter 5 and 6 that stood out as the book goes through type “A” and type “B” people. There is a man who makes use of his time, is involved in different activities after work, he works on the future, his family, his friends and spouse, and makes good use of his weekends. Person B as stated in the book, does quite frankly the opposite. This shows how over time, what we consistently do to grow and get closer to our goals, spending quality time with friends and family, striving to learn and become better people, who based off of this example is more likely to get closer to their goal? We all want to be type “A” people. We want to get somewhere and live meaningful lives. Sometimes it takes a bit of reflecting and finding out where there may be stagnant energies and when you felt truly alive and passionate in what you did. Another great example in the book about a couple who wanted to start saving money, and what they earned, they ended up spending. Years went by and they didn’t save a dime, until the wife said they needed to find a way to start saving $100 a month, then the interest over time would give them a great run for their money in the long run. So they buckled down and did it, at first it was difficult, but they found a way to comfortably save and are glad they did. I will leave you with a quote from the book, and from Benjamin Franklin,” don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” We need to start now, and work daily to reach our goals.

Thank you for your interest here in health and clarity of mind. We hope you take the initiative to read with us for more inspiration and motivation. Audible is a great resource to have while the moments of dishes, laundry, driving and walking can be tedious, we would like to remind you, they are great times of solitude that can bring you to wonderful heights and even provide you with insight.

The most tedious work is the most rewarding. Keep your eyes on the horizon.

Carpe Diem.

Callie Oister


Questions to Consider:

What are the strategies you adapted to get through 2020 to keep your income rolling in?

How did you know that this is the change that had to be made?

Now, for the goals that are in place for the ongoing year, what strategies do you need to acquire?

What is something you have put off for too long?

How can you accomplish it with certainty in steps?

What do you need to learn?

Who do you need to talk to?

How much are you saving a month?

How much do you want to save a month?

When could I be listening to inspiration during the day?

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