Health, Simplify, and success!

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March 2, 2020

Health, Simplify, and Success

Isn’t it a joyous thing to be a living being! Yes, we have dreams, burdens, plans, and schedules to follow. But what if we had more elements we could control? We all have the same amount of time, and some have kids that wander around loving life but making those messes right after you have cleaned. And that is okay! Because here at ABC Clean, we have found solutions! Not just to have a clean workspace or home, but to enjoy life while keeping up, and keeping safe from germs that come our way.

Tip #1 Prevention: We have it drilled in our brain to wash our hands, not touch our face in the aspect of prevention. We do have more than one way of defense by the means of strengthening our immune systems. Proper nutrition with antioxidants as well as our seasonal defense- garlic! Yes, we are a cleaning company but health and a clear space go hand- in hand. If you feel as though you may be catching a cold, try garlic tea (yes, it is quite good with honey and green/ raspberry tea.) If you are feeling extra brave, (or sick,) you can eat it in a slice of bread or chopped up in a spoonful of honey. I have a success story I would love to share because I am sure you think the discomfort is not worth it, and getting sick sounds better, but it is not that bad! I had my first day to work at a brand-new memory care facility as a certified nurse assistant, and I was feeling the symptoms of a cold coming on! My mom told me to try eating garlic, and I chomped down on an entire clove. My whole face turned red, and I am pretty sure my expression was horrendous but accurate, and did not get sick. I actually lived to tell the story! Hence the blog! But I considered other people’s health before my own. People who have lower immune systems than my own, and people who would suffer badly if they had caught the cold I almost had.

Moral of the story: Sick prevention. Health, turn to your natural remedies before you get too sick to save yourself the trouble, and to save others!

Tip #2: Minimalization: “Isn’t this cute?” Yes, but it is big. “Oh I remember that!” Just a thought, but it collects dust. “Yes, oh it is so lovely, but I will never wear it.” We have all heard this, now what about those tiny house people that live in their home and gave up everything to be in a small space. Like camping! So now, when we think about minimalism, we are thinking simply. We are thinking on terms of being practical. If we have what we need, and the few things that make us happy, we truly can consider the things we are grateful to have and have space around us to think and breathe more! Have you ever moved things around in your home and noticed something that has been there for years, but it reappears or turned off its invisibility power? I love rearranging things and moving things around. Every 6 months, if not that, things have to move to optimal function! Fengshui! Yes, keep things alive! Well I moved my bed around, and I noticed I had a beautiful strand of cranes I made with my neighbor from Japan. I saw the bright red origami crane, and wondered where the heck it has been all these years. It was hanging there from the ceiling since the day I made it! But as life changes, the things around us can change with us. We are adaptable creatures. I had a connection to things and did not want it to be lost in the big lonely world, but the earth knows what to do with these things. You never know who needs it, and what is waiting for you when you let it go.

Tip #3 Organization: The little things count, don’t they? Do you have those days where you are on top of the world and nothing can bring you down? Where you are just alive, and know yourself completely and want to recharge others? Yes. What about the opposite days? They are not as good, right? When we are organized from our thoughts, the things around us are organized and begin to change. When you have those good days, plan for the tough ones so that you know how to find your way back and make things easier for your future self and the people that you live with and work with. Taking five minutes a day to tidy up, create a list of the three things you will accomplish today that is not required of you but to help you attain personal peace and happiness, do it! Those five minutes will shape your day. Organize your month before it begins. Yes spontaneity is key to life’s beauty, but if you can save time procrastinating, and know what needs to be done, get it done, then have time to do the awesome projects you enjoy and make this world a better place!

So tell me, was that harsh? Was that kind of upfront and honest? Well I have a very practical and honorable family where I learned accountability, responsibility and fun all in the same disciplinary practice. Fun is totally appropriate there. Do you feel this tone I am typing in? Thank you for joining me on this adventure of clarity of mind in the home and work space where we empower each other and strive for success!

Business Updates: (Real Talk) This month is a special for the local Gillette Community for a Deep Clean plus a $55 air treatment. If you are not in the Gillette area and would like to become a regional distributor in your area, please contact our Client Specialist, Jamie Holenbeck. We became a business on the 3rd of January and have five clients! An owner, and a contractor, and a whole lot of research, phone calls, passion and drive! We fell in love with our cleaning products from Melaleuca. Our clients have too. They commented on the fresh smell is with the eco-friendly products. We also have our first airPHX unit in the mail! This is our specialty that we value to bring an extensive clean to viruses like C DIFF and MRSA to save people the suffering! It is an amazing technology that my Dad worked on all the marketing materials for the owner on, and I am so grateful to be part of a powerful company as a regional distributor.

If this made your laugh, or gave you some good ideas that may help you or some friends in their business or home, (with no offence to cleanliness, but we can all use some friendly tips to make life a little more fun with all the tough work we do every day,) please forward!

Thank you for joining us! Until next time.

Callie Oister

Owner/ Operator/ Sales and Marketing director/ blogger/ social media marketer/ mother/ daughter/ girlfriend/ entrepreneur

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