AirPHX solutions can sterilize
environments in off-hours, as
well as operational hours.

We meet

the diverse bio-loads of different environments.

Flower shops, food storage, daycare, the office, grocery store, home, library, with a  hospital-grade sanitation.

-Eliminate the risk of
illness, minimize the effects of colds and flu

-Kill foodborne pathogens

-Reduce cleaning cost and effort;
reach areas that can’t be sanitized



Have Complete Confidence

We want to help give you the opportunity to excel in business, productivity, time management and skills. Delegate tasks to us so you can lead and provide your knowledge to others to grow your business.

Food Storage

Why We're Great >

Food storage and distribution is a wonderful thing. We love our food and need the best quality. Fresh is always better, but how do you keep it fresh? The technology we use was designed for killing salmonella on chicken in manufacturing facilities and has operated in food storage freezers for meat as well as produce to keep food at its best quality and reduce food borne pathogens as well as mold growing. Safety and freshness go hand in hand for the best quality. Using our service will help your business stand out with excellence, while saving you money on lawsuits or rotten food.
Vegetable Store
Butcher's Cuts
Bowl of Berries
Senior Care

Why We're Great >

In light of how amazing our older generation is, we can protect them from further colds or sicknesses. Visitors are always welcome, so are the precious grandbabies that make everyone's day. By having a constant sterilizing agent, there can be more control over infectious diseases and viruses in the building and fewer sick days for staff. In the dining room of assisted living facilities or throughout the building in long term long term health care, we can improve the quality of air and the quality of life.

Health Care and Surgical Area

Why We're Great >

Hospitals are busy places for patients, healthcare staff and visitors. Comparing to UVGI technology, it is most effective in a line of sight, but there is too much to risk with infectious diseases and healing which takes enough energy. The airPHX PA2400 delivers hospital-grade sanitation:
“We achieved a 98% improvement in surface sanitation and a 94% improvement in air quality.  Surface measurements of colony-forming units went from 18,000 CFU/cm2  to 18 CFU/cm2, a thousand-fold reduction!”( PA2400 Datasheet April 2017)

Why We're Great >

Medical Professional
Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Schools and Offices

Why We're Great >

Kids do need to be acclimated to germs to build their immunity, but wouldn't it be nice to not get food poisoning or spread whooping cough? Saving teachers and students from missing schoolwork and controlling odors in the locker room would be a majority vote. The same goes for the office during flu season to clean spaces where people often gather and provide a safe place for productivity.

Currently, we have a unit in a school with kids with autism. The teachers are so glad to have the unit to reduce sickness for these kids so they can have the best learning experience and feel safe about it. 
Done Deal
School Children
Ready for School