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Our Philosophy:
We love the feeling of a clean space. Once a space has been touched by our eco-friendly products and attention to detail, you will know. We want you to know we have been there. Cleaning applies to health and mindfulness as you go about your day touching the lives of others. We know that we can pay it forward with our excellent service to you, so that others benefit in the same respects of enhancing, caring for every person and situation you may encounter. Having clarity of mind means to have peace in this moment, and gratitude. By cleaning and disinfecting, it is in our hopes to deliver a clean that removes more than dirt, bacteria, viruses, and dust; but, also tendencies, negative thought patterns. Thus creating a clean state of mind for you to be productive and share your best qualities with the world and every person you meet. We enjoy cleaning, so you can enjoy your time doing what you must do and what you love. 
About the Tech:
The technology was born around 2000. It started originally for meat manufacturers. It was featured under Huntsman Magazine under Pheonix Air, and the new company selling the units renamed the technology AirPHX. AirPHX has been recognized by the National Fitness journal, it is in hospitals and college fitness gyms, spas, cleaning companies, Costco freezers, daycares, and bars. We are working with the owner to create channel partners with a rental agreement to expand to these markets and bring on partners.