Learn More About our Sterile Air Tech to see How it Can Help You and Your Business or Home:
Professional Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning

Detailed and Proactive

We know the importance of productivity. Delegate the cleaning to us & let your employees handle the important tasks to get ahead of the game.
Professional House Cleaning

Respectful and  courteous

We may have a different perspective coming to clean, that can give you your family time back and do the things you enjoy doing.
Workspace & Commercial Clean
Residential & House Cleaning
Why choose us?
With seven years of experience, we strive for white glove excellence to provide the best service to homes and work spaces. We use eco-conscious and highly effective cleaners with no toxins which is something that sets us apart and can assure you how much we care for you beyond cleaning but your ultimate health and safety. We are proactive about your needs. We would love to help clear your space and ease your mind.
We love the feel of a clean space. We also love to help you be effective and do the things you need to accomplish with the extra time.  Here are a few ways we can help:
Move-in/ move out clean
Spring clean
Regular clean
Oven & Fridge
Organizing service
With our services, you can have your family time back, relax and enjoy dinner, have a Saturday for hobbies, and have a clean space to be in.
We Tailor every clean
Peace of mind and more time.

We strive for white glove excellence to provide the best service to homes and workspaces with nontoxic cleaners. 

We Are

Proactive. We use nature's best cleaners. Bio degradable plant based enzymes.

Schedule a call with an Advisor. We will strategize a good place for the unit and set up a payment agreement. All inquiries are made on the main website.